Concert of Orthodox Celts was held - Monday, 21  March  2011


There was no doubt that the concert of the band Orthodox Celts, held in the production of the Belgrade Cultural Network, last night, in the Great Hall of the Youth Center, will bring enormous enthusiasm of their fans.

Experience of fans from their previous concerts, and last night with more than an energetic music, made the Great Hall filled to the last seat.

Data/Images/img_8373_s.jpg The concert began with song "St. Patrick was a gentleman” and it didn’t take a minute or two that all visitors fall into an ecstasy and choral sing absolutely every song. It was played more than thirty songs, among which were found all absolute hits as "Rocky Road", "One, two ... five," "Far Away", "Green Roses"...

Beside domestic audience, the concert was watched by foreigners and among them were several Irishmen. One of them, Marcus Dunne, an Irishman living in London came only to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

"I hate Facebook!" – Aca said last night at the concert. He also said that he has no profile, but these social networks (profile group of Orthodox Celts) helped him to hear wishes of his fans and sing at the concert some songs that were not foreseen on the playlist such as "I'll Tell Me Ma".

This time, Celts have decided not to play the slower songs and with no break play in a fast pace and create a more energetic atmosphere than last year.

The song "Spanish lady" men dedicated to all girls, and the song "Queen of the day" the band performed for their wives.

Guest of the evening was a dance group, "Celtic Rhythm" which was featured with the song "Wind that Shakes the Barley."


The show was fantastic which is proven by the fact that the band two times went out for an encore, and with the songs "If I Should Fall" and "God Down in the Valley" tried to finish a gig that lasted nearly three hours. On the second encore Aca said: "I do this just because it is 19th birthday ... Pick a song that you want to listen in the end of the concert” and the audience has chosen "Wild Rover".

When asked, how he experienced the concert, a fan, John, said: "You are indestructible! Year after year, getting better, stronger, louder. See you at the Beer Fest, The Celts Strike Again!"

After the concert Aca said - I am so happy that the 19th gig really is a prelude to what awaits us next year. Each time the concert the sold out and we always see at least half of new faces so the whole Orthodox Celts movement is growing. I hope we can repay to the fans with a new album later this year, and that we'll enter the third decade with the best album and best concert till now.


"Over and Over" is the absolute highlight of the concert when the whole audience sings this song dedicated to, by Aca's words, the best club on the planet, "Celtic".

Belgrade Cultural Network is proud that once again presented the Orthodox Celts, and it is satisfied with the organization all last concerts as well as attention of the media.

The Celts once again proved to be one of our most original bands, capable that at concerts create a special atmosphere that always delights the audience and stays imprinted in the memory of everyone who was at the concert.


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