Press conference about the concert of Orthodox Celts was held - Thursday, 10  March  2011

In Tribune Hall of Dom Omladine Beograda (Belgrade Youth Centre), March 10th 2011, a press conference was held on the occasion of Orthodox Celts concert, scheduled for March 17th at 21:00 in the Great Hall of the Belgrade Youth Centre. The speakers were: Aca Celtic - frontman, Dragan Ambrozic - editor of the Youth Centre and Milos Aleksic in front of the Belgrade Cultural Network.



Traditional celebration of Saint Patrick's Day, 19th time, the band promises a perfect dance and delightfull evening, even better than last year. Aca said "This is, let say, a final rehearsal before the celebration of our 20th anniversary concerts," and at the question of who his favorite gig so far is, he replied: "It is this next one." As for surprises at the concert, Aca remained secretive, saying that last year's guest, Ana Sofrenovic, was a pleasant surprise even for the band.




Dragan Ambrozic announced that visitors expect a pleasant surprise when they see the renovated Great Hall, where the concert will be held. He announced a rich musical content within the Youth Centre, with the aim of promoting local bands.

Place of legendary concerts, festivals and exhibitions awaits for you at the concert Orthodox Celts’s concert celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.

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