First press conference - Friday, 05  November  2010

On Thursday, November 4, the first press conference was held on the occasion of the concert of Vlatko Stefanovski and Stefan Milenkovic.

The conference was held in the City Hall, in front of 50 journalists from the main newsroom in Serbia.

Data/Images/img_1288_s.jpg The concert will be held on December 22 and 23, produced by the Belgrade Cultural Network.

General sponsor of the concert is Grand Coffee.

At the press conference Vlatko Stefanovski, Stefan Milenkovic, Slavica Lalovic (Grand Coffee regional brand manager), Aleksandar Poznanic (Grand Coffee marketing director), Ivan Ivackovic (Belgrade Cultural Network) and Vuk Zugic (Sava Center) addressed the press.

"It's great privilege to play with Stefan", said Vlatko Stefanovski.

"I am self-taught guitarist, and Stefan attended classical music school. However, I hope to have something to show him and something to learn him. Repertoire that we play is the playing field. 40 years of playing a guitar and now I feel that I was visited by "freedom". I have forgiven myself all the mistakes and I'm not loaded with anything more. I'm interested just in an emotion", said Vlatko Stefanovski.

"I can't wait the concert", said Stefan Milenkovic.

Data/Images/img_1268_s.jpg"Now we are investigating and practising. Music experience is as a kitchen to me, I'm interested in different tastes and I like to enter deep into those kitchens. I do not see myself as a classical musician. I was born same year when Vlatko published his first album with "Leb i sol" and it's great honor that I'll play with him", said Stefan.

"This project, even in it's embryonic form, looks great", said Ivan Ivackovic.
"This is an exclusive event which can not be missed, an event of great importance for our culture. Dejan Vukov came up with idea for this concert. Meanwhile Dejan died and not lived to see the realization of his beautiful idea. We will be forever and endlessly grateful to him."

Aleksandar Poznanic said: "Grand Coffee promotes the right values and connects people. Vlatko and Stefan are great people, wonderful people and, of course, top artists. A taste of coffee depends on a mixture, and mixture which is in front of you, Vlatko and Stefan, is the mixture of the best arabicas."



Slavica Lalovic praised the idea of Belgrade Cultural Network and expressed satisfaction that Grand Coffee participate in this great event.

Vuk Zugic reminded that Vlatko and Stefan are part of cultural history of Sava Centre. "Their artistic contributions are part of our history and we are proud that the concert would be held right here."

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