Press conference concerning the recycling containers purchase - Monday, 10  May  2010

Belgrade Cultural Network purchases recycling containers for primary schools in Belgrade

On Friday, May 7th, Belgrade Cultural Network organized press conference concerning the purchase of recycling containers for three primary schools in Belgrade. The press conference took place at primary school "Jovan Dučić" in New Belgrade.

The press was addressed by Slobodan Milosavljević, Minister of Trade and Services of the Republic of Serbia, Bojan Đurić, State Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Suzan Delja, a representative of Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, Boris Smoje, Sales Manager in Ball Packaging Europe, Dragana Miloševski in front of the Public Utility of Belgrade, Slobodan Marinković, principal of the primary school "Jovan Dučić" and Ivan Ivačković, Marketing Manager of Belgrade Cultural Network.

"Ecology and recycling are the part of our culture. Next year, we hope to see larger number of schools equipped with recycling containers. Also, the Ministry will support these actions in the future", said Minister Slobodan Milosavljević.

"This is an excellent example of social responsibility, an example to look up to. Through this campaign the youngest citizens are informed at time about the importance of ecology and recycling", said Bojan Đurić, State Secretary.

Suzan Delja congratulated to Belgrade Cultural Network on this action and added that the Embassy of the United States of America supports great number of the projects that are focused on environment protection.

Boris Smoje, a representative of Ball Packaging Europe in Belgrade reminded that the can is the only product which is 100% recyclable. Congratulating to Belgrade Cultural Network, Smoje informed the press that Ball Packaging will support these actions and be a part of them in the future, as well.

Afterwards, Suzan Delja, Slobodan Milosavljević and Bojan Đurić simbolically threw the paper into the recycling container.

Purchase of the recycling containers for primary schools in Belgrade came out as a result of "I choose to recycle" social campaign, which was organized and led by Belgrade Cultural Network last year. The campaign will have its sequence this summer, as it has been announced at the press conference.


Slobodan Milosavljević,
ministar trgovine i usluga
Republike Srbije


Slobodan Milosavljević,
ministar trgovine i usluga
Republike Srbije


Bojan Đurić,
državni sekretar u Ministarstvu životne sredine i prostornog planiranja


Susan Delja,
predstavnica ambasade Sjedinjenih Američkih Država u Beogradu


Susan Delja,
Slobodan Milosavljević i
Bojan Đurić
simbolično ubacuju papir u reciklažni kontejner za papir


Boris Smoje,
menadžer prodaje
Ball Packaging Europe Beograd


Dragana Miloševski,
JP Gradska Čistoća Beograd


Učenici ispred reciklažnih kontejnera u
O.Š. Jovan Dučić

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