Recycling containers placed in Belgrade's primary schools - Monday, 10  May  2010

On March 5th 2010, Belgrade Cultural Network bought and installed recycling containers in three Belgrade's primary schools. A part of the fund was raised through social campaign "I choose to recycle", which was realised in 2009, and another part was provided by Belgrade Cultural Network as a socially responsible company.

Recycling containers were placed at the following primary schools in New Belgrade:

  • O.Š. Borislav Pekić,
  • O.Š. Kneginje Ljubice and
  • O.Š. Jovan Dučić.

Technical support concerning the container discharge (PET, metal, glass and paper) is provided by JP Gradska Čistoća Beograd.

Belgrade Cultural Network plans to continue "I choose to recycle" campaign in 2010 as well, in order to fulfil long term plan regarding the installation of recycling containers at schools in Belgrade.





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