Great "Orthodox Celts" concert produced by Belgrade Cultural Network - Tuesday, 23  March  2010




Undoubtedly, the concert of Orthodox Celts, on Saint Patrick's Day, on March 17th, at Amerikana Hall in Belgrade's Dom omladine, will remain in the memory of every single visitor for a very long time.
The concert was held in the crowded hall, and the band was playing with extraordinary energy and dedication. Once more, they convinced us that they are one of the most original bands in our country, capable of elating the audience and creating the unique atmosphere at concerts.
Cultivating Irish music in Serbian way, Orthodox Celts gained the whole army of fans, known by very special loyalty and extremely big love for the band.

Data/Images/img_2862_s.jpgBelgrade Cultural Network, as a producer of this event, gave the opportunity for the fans to meet the band, before the concert.
The opportunity to spend time with the band got sixteen people. One group of the fans got it as a reward in the game organized by daily paper "Blic", and the other group were the most active fans at My Space. Their socializing was marked with great mood and relaxed atmosphere, and all the fans got from Carlsberg a t-shirt and the cap with Guinness logo and Orthodox Celts sign. Also, all the visitors got those souvenirs with their ticket.

Data/Images/4_s_no1.jpg"Orthodox Celts" concert started at 21.15 and including the encores, it lasted until 23.30. The band played over 30 songs and in one of the songs the band featured very famous actress Ana Sofrenović. In the audience one could see several generations, from teenagers to people in their seventies.

Obviously, Orthodox Celts became a band of various generations and band with very wide audience. Beside domestic audience, one could see also many foreigners at the concert, among which several Irish people. Withal, one of the newspapers headlines published a day after the concert, summed up well all the compliments and praises. The headline was "Even the Irish would envy".

Data/Images/2a_s.jpgThe media had shown great interest for the concert, also. The most important daily papers of Serbia announced the concert first, then they published the interview with Aleksandar Petrović, the front man of the band, afterwards the press conference report, which took place on March 9th at Dom omladine, and finally they published texts about the concert, praising the bend.
The press published over 40 articles, regarding "Orthodox Celts" concert.
Eight days before concert at Dom omladine in Belgrade, the press conference was organized, where spokesmen were Aleksandar Petrović, front man of the band, Ivan Ivačković, marketing director of Belgrade Cultural Network and Dragan Ambrozić, program editor of Dom omladine.

Belgrade Cultural Network is very proud of its long cooperation with this band (Orthodox Celts is the only band that took part at every Belgrade Beer Fest). We are also proud because of the praises regarding the concert organization and media campaign.

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