Orthodox Celts Concert Press Conference on March 17th, 2010 - Wednesday, 10  March  2010

Data/Images/pres_konferencija_01_s.jpg The press conference concerning "Orthodox Celts" concert which would take place on March 17th, was held yesterday, at Dom omladine, in Amerikana Hall.

The spokesmen at the conference were:  Aca Celtic, the frontman of the band, Ivan Ivačković from Belgrade Cultural Network (a concert producer) and Dragan Amrozić, program editor at Dom omladine.

At this occasion, Aca Celtic stated that March 17th is the crucial date for "Orthodox Celts" for several reasons:

Data/Images/pres_konferencija_02_s.jpg"First of all, that day is literally a band's birthday and besides that at "that time" when it was even hard to imagine that someone would listen to that kind of music not to mention playing that music, five completely different young people were connected at that moment in those circumstances. Even today, I deeply believe that Saint Patrick has stirred things up and that the very deep metaphysical connection exists between the Saint and our band." 

The frontman of "Orthodox Celts" has pointed out his opinion that Saint Patrick's Day is not just a concert anymore.

Data/Images/pres_konferencija_04_s.jpg"This year a Saint Patrick's Day celebration is a whole day event and I am very grateful to Belgrade Cultural Network, a producer of this event, for that. We expect to see a true Irish atmosphere, spending time with our fans and whole audience in green t-shirts."

Aca continues – "my personal connection to this place is even stronger if one knows that my first appearance with the Celts was at former bunker of Dom omladine on November 9th 1993. I have strongly decided to make this concert better than the one we had in 2002, which is, in my opinion one of the best concerts in our carrier".

Data/Images/pres_konferencija_03_s.jpgIvan Ivačković has reminded that this is the eighteenth time to hear Orthodox Celts playing for Saint Patrick's Day.

"If you allow me to say one line that belongs to my previous life of rock critic, Orthodox Celts are one of the most interesting bands which have appeared in new history of our popular music, and their concerts are filled with extraordinary passion and energy", Ivačković said.

Tickets for the Orthodox Celts concert are sold at Dom omladine box office and through on-line address With every bought ticket, at the entrance, the visitors will get a very attractive Orthodox Celts t-shirt.

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