Belgrade Cultural Network organizes "Orthodox Celts" concert at Dom omladine on March 17th 2010, in the name of Saint Patrick's day - Monday, 01  March  2010

Data/Images/aca_seltik_s.jpg"Orthodox Celts", the most famous "Serbian Irish people" and one of the most interesting bands in Serbia, will have a concert, in the name of Saint Patrick's Day, on March 17th, at 9 p.m. at Dom omladine, Belgrade.

Belgrade Cultural Network is the producer of the concert, and tickets are already being sold at Dom omladine box office and through on-line address

Ticket price is 980 dinars. The one who buys the ticket will get an "Orthodox Celts" t-shirt at the entrance.

"This is the eighteenth time "Orthodox Celts" are celebrating the Saint Patrick's Day, says Aca Celtic, the front man of the band. "I believe we deserve this celebration of majority age. We will play the songs people expect to hear, but we will have surprises, too. Also, we will play the old stuff that we haven't had at our repertoire for a long time. We will play one new song also that should be the guideline for our next album."

All the information regarding the accreditations for "Orthodox Celts" concert you can find at the site of Belgrade Cultural Network


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