Spectacular edition of the 14th Belgrade Beer Fest with Olympic charm - Monday, 07  November  2016

This year's Belgrade Beer Fest, fourteenth in a row, was visited by around 480,000 people. This festival has once again shown its magic and that not even the rain could affect hundreds of thousands of people in their coming to Ušće and enjoying over 40 concerts of international and local music stars, all of that spiced up with over 100 types of beer taste.

This year's Belgrade Beer Fest offered the best and most varied musical program so far. At the grand opening we had the opportunity to hear and see the worldwide concert attraction, the British band Rudimental, who thrilled the audience with their energetic performance. Then the night after night regional and local music stars were taking the stage. Concerts to remember were held by: Bajaga, Kolektiv, S.A.R.S., Elemental, Let 3, Vlatko Stefanovski, Massimo Savić, Psihomodo Pop, Who See, YU Grupa. They were accompanied by Zvonko Bogdan, Vatreni poljubac, ZAA, Sunshhine, Sajsi MC, Irie FM, Kolja i Grobovlasnici, Viva Vox, and many young and tribute bands. In five days of the festival visitors enjoyed in almost fifty hours of superior and free program on two stages.

This year was particularly marked by the Olympic spirit which added value to the festival. Hundreds of thousands of visitors loudly cheered and celebrated medals won by our Olympians at the 28th Summer Olympic Games.

We express special thanks to the city of Belgrade, which is co-organizer of the festival since the first edition. Cooperation with Belgrade leaders is excellent and through our joint efforts we do our best to keep the thing the festival is known for - free entry, great music program and cosmopolitan atmosphere, which otherwise decorates Belgrade.

Without the support of the city and all of its utilities, as well Beokom service would be almost impossible to implement complex logistical needs of the festival. Also, we owe a big thank you to the Ministry of Tourism, which recognizes the multiple benefits of event tourism.

We are proud of festival visitors who have fully complied with the enhanced security measures of the MUP of the Republic of Serbia, city and security personnel, so that the festival went in order, without a single incident. Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia did its job at the top level, and members of the Police Administration of Belgrade did everything so that visitors feel safe to the maximum.

Of course, big thanks to the commercial partners of the festival in selfless help to give Beer Fest worldwide character - top production and excellent musical program, all with free admission.

This year for the fourth time we organized free transport in Belgrade and in that way we safely transported more than 30 thousand visitors. The action was organized as part of socially responsible campaign "Društvo, ko vozi kući?", which was organized by company Heineken Serbia, the Agency for Traffic Safety and Belgrade Beer Fest. For the first time the action was also organized in Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac, so several thousand visitors from these cities were safely transported to the Beer Fest for free. Both campaigns gave excellent results, because during the festival there were no incidents in traffic. This was certainly realized due to professional support and cooperation of members of the MUP of Serbia.

The results of the socially responsible campaign "I choose to recycle", which was conducted for the eighth time, clearly showed that among the visitors of the festival there was growing awareness concerning the importance of recycling, as well as on environmental protection. Thus, in the context of this action, which began on APA Beer Garden, and was continued at Beer Fest about 400 kg of cans for recycling were collected, while the remaining material amount is to be sorted at the recycling centres of Gradska čistoća.

Last but not least, we thank all the media that announced and reported from Beer Fest and also gave immeasurable contribution in building a positive image of the most massive rock and roll festival in this part of Europe.

The image that we sent to the world from Ušće during five festival days was an image of hospitable Belgrade and Serbia, which want to socialize and interact with the environment. It is estimated that the festival was visited by 20 thousand of foreign tourists, and we will do our best to make their number larger every year.

And this summer again, Belgrade Beer Fest fully justified its long-targeted objectives - companionship, tolerance and responsible consumption.

We are already starting to prepare for the 15th anniversary of Belgrade Beer Fest, the most visited festival in southeast Europe.

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