BCN Friends

Over the years, the Belgrade Cultural Network has established friendly relations with a number of similar organizations, companies, institutions, and individuals.

We wish to highlight the most important ones, which did a lot to help us be better in what we do.

  • Belgrade City Hall
    The Belgrade City Hall's contribution to such huge projects is immeasurable. What we find important is that they believed in our ideas and shared the same vision – a European Belgrade in a European Serbia
  • Sava Center
  • Tourist Organization of Belgrade
    Although the organization should by default pay attention to all big events in Belgrade, people from TOB always do more than they are expected to do, helping us promote Belgrade Beer Fest and Belgrade Sport Fest abroad. The results are visible, as Belgrade is full of foreign tourists at the time of the festivals.
  • EXIT Festival
    People who today make up the Belgrade Cultural Network were in charge of the Belgrade logistics of the EXIT festival in 2002 and 2003. PR presentations, promo parties, promo posters, fliers, info stands, ticket sale control and logistics were only one part of the project. We are glad to have helped organize the country’s largest music festival.
  • Longplay
    Thanks to numerous projects, the Longplay agency, headed by Zoran Vulovic, has had a great impact on the development of the Belgrade Cultural Network.
  • Zeleno Zvono Theater Club
    A fighter for normal values, a man of his word, the one you can always rely on. A club that is well-known across Serbia. Guta.
  • Beoprojekt
    A company that has always provided us with web hosting and printing services. They are friends first – then business partners.
  • Agency Publica - Aero Camera
    Our old associates in the field of marketing and public relations are now directing the agency specialized in professional aerial filming, aerial photography and making high quality 360° VR Panoramas. Look at the world seen through their eyes.
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