Vlatko & Stefan 2010




Two supreme musicians, a guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski and violinist Stefan Milenkovic, for the first time going to do a concert together.
Two of them will play in Sava Center on December 22, 23 and 27. A producer of this magnificent event is Belgrade Cultural Network and tickets can be bought at Ticket Office of Sava Center, Bilet Service, Ticket Service and Eventim.



Vlatko Stefanovski and Stefan Milenkovic are virtuosos with an extremely rich biography.

Stefanovski gain his publicity by leading the band "Leb i Sol" which played a brilliant mix of jazz, rock and Macedonian folklore. "Leb i sol" separated in the middle of 90s and Vlatko made a very successful solistic career many times confirming a status of the best guitarist of Balkan.

Data/Images/isz_4382_s.jpg Stefan Milenkovich with just 5 years of age played with orchestra, at his 7 gain his first reward and at 16 played his 1000th concert.

Becoming world known name he played under wands of the most famous conductors and in front of people like Ronald Regan, Mikhail Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II.

He is professor of violin in Illinois, United States and is known under his humanitarian work as well.

At this concert, with Vlatko Stefanovski, for the first time he is going to play something which is not classical music.

Data/Images/isz_4411_s.jpg"An opportunity to play with Vlatko, I see as a great priviledge", says Stefan.

"He is a man of whom every musician can learn a lot. He has great technique and huge emotion and that's the thing that makes one musician great one and upraise him from the rest."

Data/Images/isz_4383_s.jpg"I track Stefan's career ever since he was, as it was called, a child prodigy", Vlatko says.

"He is a world-renowned violinist and it's a great pleasure for me to perform together with him.
It's very interesting that we are coming from a different musical genres and I think that we'll make an amusing connection.
During our very first session I saw that we can adjust and encourage each other. Doubtlessly it's about a great challenge and immense pleasure for both of us."


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