Viminacium, Anno Domini MMVII

As culminate of campaign Live Earth, which is start up to force people to pay attention on need to intelligently use energy resource so the planet could have viable future, held on July 7, 2007. the eight concerts in most significant  metropolis at all continents. Messages sent by TV networks, included Radio Television of Serbia, ascend to two billion viewers all around the world. In more than 130 countries there's held on several thousand additional events, what made this event more significant on global level.
Serbia takes a part in this project in specific way – in searching for answers, which have to provide future for next generations, Serbia takes a journey for one day at least in far away late antique epoch, in the time when people knew how to live in harmony with nature.
Archaeological locality Viminacium, who lies about one hundred kilometers down the river Danube from Serbian capitol city Belgrade, has been resurrected thanks to Mr. Miomir Kovać, prolific archaeologist. He is creator of idea to bestow to Serbian national treasure an invaluable worth – cognition of an ancient Roman city Viminacium, the capital polis of an old Roman province Upper Moesia.
As this kind of even requires, which the organizers (Center Viminacium, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Radio Television of Serbia and Belgrade Culture Network) called The Roman Night, this manifestation was open by parade of Senators and Lictors, who performed Roman ritual of bringing sacrifice, corn and wine to Gods. The visitors had access to hundreds costumes, Roman togs and tunics, and chance to take a ride by chariots.
In extraordinary music program, several thousand visitors were take in to the mystic and graces of ancient Rome by verses of lamented Milan Mladenović with music cover of his friends from time of legendary band Ekatarina Velika , and performance of Serbian mainstream attraction Van Gogh. Also, very exciting was concert of string quartet Intermezzo in Czar's mausoleum, one of restaurated and protected parts of archaeological locality.
During past few years, Mr. Miomir Kovać successes to interest diplomats for this locality with beautiful frescoes from third and fourth century, and bring the very first tourist from broad, and for the following years he proclaims even more ambition plans. This locality can become one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Serbia and South-East Europe. 
"Only 3% of Viminacium was digging out, and there are waiting for us palaces, temples, squares, theatres, streets, hippodromes, amphitheatres... What not! We are going to make new Serbian trademark which is going to be remarkable in whole world", said Mr. Kovać in his prompted speech at The Romans Night.
The passion of Mr. Kovać wherewith manage to animated Serbian public, both for scientific and economic significance of this project, didn't sustain without a positive reaction. Ministry of Culture as part of Government of Serbia, RTS as national public broadcaster and Belgrade Culture Network, which already have reputation as organizer of wholesale culture-tourist events in Serbia, with Center Viminacium, made a strategic partnership with only goal - to represent treasure of this locality in modern way to world public. The very first opportunity for that is already in 2008. when are planed lot of activities for promote Viminacium, treasure of Serbia which is need to be discovery!

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