Van Gogh Wins an MTV Award

Belgrade rock band is the best music performer in the region

Belgrade rock band Van Gogh is this year's winner of the MTV music award for the best performer in the region covered by the music channel's subsidiary MTV Adria. This is the second time that Serbian music performer won this prestigious award. At this year's Awards in the Olympic Hall in Munich, Van Gogh managed to repeat success of the Serbian pop star Aleksandra Kovač, who triumphed on the last year's Music Awards Show.

In their speech, band members thanked Chuck Berry and Cliff Richards, who were said to have the greatest influence on their music development.

- We wish to share our pride and joy with our family members, friends, and all those who supported us. The world is with us tonight... Serbia is world, - said the overjoyed frontman of Van Gogh, Zvonko Đukić-Đule. Other nominees in their category included Siddharta (Slovenia), Dubioza kolektiv (BiH), and Hladno pivo and Jinx (Croatia).

The Belgrade Cultural Network is proud to have supported Van Gogh and contributed to their victory through organization of their spectacular concert in the Belgrade Arena on May 19, 2007.

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