Big tour of Kiki Lesendrić and the "Piloti"

"Svet je lep kada sanjamo"



Zoran Kiki Lesendrić, one of the icons of Serbian rock roll sound during the 80's and 90's, has released his first solo CD - "Mesec na vratima".

Kiki decided for great return to the music scene with his solo project, which he had been preparing for over a year, and where 40 excellent musicians took part in.

Following the great performance at this year's Beer Fest, with more than 70.000 people, Kiki Lesendrić and the "Piloti" decided to surprise all their fans throughout Serbia, with their concerts in 11 cities. Belgrade Cultural Network, as a producer of this tour, has the honor to organize the returnee tour of this great and important bend.

Kiki Lesendrić and the "Piloti", as a part of their tour "Svet je lep kada sanjamo", will perform in the following cities:

  • Leskovac – 10/31/2009
  • Pirot – 11/06/2009
  • Vranje – 11/07/2009
  • Paraćin – 11/13/2009
  • Kruševac – 11/14/2009
  • Novi Sad – 11/28/2009
  • Smederevo – 12/04/2009
  • Vrnjačka Banja – 12/05/2009
  • Šabac – 12/11/2009
  • Subotica – 12/12/2009
  • Užice - 12/18/2009

Go and find your tickets at the ticket shops in your city!

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Check out the video of Kiki Lesendrić and the "Piloti", "Svet je lep kada sanjamo", live at Belgrade Beer Fest 2009

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