St. Patrick's Day, Orthodox Celts

Belgrade, March 17th 2011 at 21:00
Dom Omladine Beograda

Saint Patrick's Day Irish people celebrate for more than a thousand years, a festival in Dublin visit over one million people. On that day particulary everybody is wearing green outfits (the official colour of the festival), eating Irish food, drinking Irish beer, whiskey and liqueurs.

This year Dom Omladine Beograda goes green with a concert of Orthodox Celts who traditionally celebrate Saint Patrick's Day for 19 years. With top-performance of traditional Irish music and combining it with rock elements, Orthodox Celts will again create an incredibly cheerful and hot atmosphere. In our region Orthodox Celts are undoubtedly the best performers of this musical genre so each and every year they gain more and more fans.

Last year's celebration will stay remembered by crowded playful fans, guests of surprise, Ana Sofrenovic, who performed the song "Danny Boy" and by the song "King of the Hill" that tickled imagination of fans by announcing the recording of their new album. The visitors went home richer for a great experience and with souvenirs for the occasion which was provided by Belgrade Cultural Network, the producer of the show.

The best time, great beer and energetic music awaits for you this year in Dom Omladine Beograda on March 17th at 21:00.

"19 is my lucky number. The nineteenth time Saint Patrick is among Serbs that means that after last year's graduation are still on track till a doctorate, which we expect when we fulfill the first two decades. I’m still not clear which of these traditional shows was best for me, but I always expect that the one of the following is exactly that one. This time is same, because of magic that that day brings and playing a concert is something that is beyond the scope of what can be explained by the usual and ordinary words." – said Aca Seltic, leader of the band.

Tickets are on sale from March 1st on the ticket office of the Cultural Center of Belgrade (ex Ticket Service) for the price of 1,100 din.

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