Traveling to Europe Project
Data/Images/priznanje_putujmo_2005_s.jpgThe Belgrade Cultural Network was enthusiastic to take part in the project, supported by the European Movement in Serbia, NGO Euroinicijativa, the Austrian Embassy in Belgrade, and the Serbian Education Ministry.
The project aimed at providing an opportunity for the 100 best Serbian students to freely travel around Europe for one month.
The motive was simple – the younger generations lack first-hand experience of Europe and the consequences of their inability to travel and get to know other cultures, peoples, cities, and countries are disastrous.

Thousands of students, most of whom did not even have passports, entered the contest organized in June. The project brought them free one-month Schengen visas, pocket money, and inter-rail tickets. The Belgrade City Hall was the main sponsor of the project. Organizers, journalists, and the 100 best students went to Vienna on July 14, where they were hosted for two days by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, as the Austrian Embassy in Serbia and Montenegro procured the visas.
After a reception and a short stay in Vienna, the students started European journeys of their own choice.
The Belgrade Cultural Network played its part in the fundraising logistics and will always support similar projects that bring the country closer to the European values of tolerance and cooperation
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