The Concert of Stefan Milenković





Last year was unique for a double jubilee: Stefan Milenković and the Sava Centre both celebrated three decades of existence, marked by great successes and numerous awards both in the country and abroad. The cooperation between the distinguished virtuoso and the renowned institution was long-lasting and fruitful, inspiring the audience with awe and respect.

Stefan's concerts are characterized by a specific fusion of intense emotions and unique artistic expression. His limitless energy and natural ease with which he plays the violin cannot but make us proud he was born and raised in our country.

In the last five years, our nostalgia and our precious memories did nothing but grow.

The festive concert of Stefan Milenković, scheduled for June 28 in the Great Hall of Sava Centre, will also serve as a symbol of our undying respect for one of our country's most important ambassadors of culture. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy the great sensitivity and excellence of cellist Ani Aznavoorian, wife of Stefan Milenković, as well as witness the great talent of Eivind Gullberg Jensen, one of the world's most prominent conductors.

The goal of the Belgrade Cultural Network is to promote this important event by introducing a fresh approach to the field of concert organization. BCN's modern marketing campaign will be running for two months and it will implement all the latest advertising tools.

The full recording of the concert will be provided by the general media partner, the Radio Television of Serbia.

The June 28 concert is not an ordinary event. It is a challenge. A challenge we will face together.


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