Belgrade New Year’s Eve Parties
Data/Images/nova_00_s.jpgThe last three New Year’s Eve parties with four stages, several types of music, and a children’s program accomplished our basic goals of attracting large turnouts and sending clear messages.

The New Year’s Eve party 2004 was “A Night for the Future,” when we argued that Belgrade and Serbia have but one road to take – the one leading to European integration. The New Year’s Eve party 2005 sent a message that Belgrade is the Fifth Element on New Year’s Eve and that we all need more love and tolerance. The New Year’s Eve 2006 was “In the Sixth Gear,” warning people that, after partying, we should “shift to the sixth gear” as soon as possible and work hard for a better future.

Data/Images/nova_01_s.jpgAlmost one million people on the streets, a great atmosphere, a large number of website hits, and a record number of foreign tourists visiting Belgrade on New Year’s Eve prove that we were not wrong.

Belgrade adopted top New Year’s Eve party standards in 2004, which brought it all that closer to other capitals.
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