BCN Intro

Constitution of Belgrade Cultural Network Ltd. in 2007 was completely logical and expected development of team work of their establishers who worked throw complete decade backwards in domain of organization and production of cultural happenings and management in music industry. With their creativity and innovative skills, from the beginning, establishers positioned themselves as a regional leader in area of their work.

Team work of establishers begun when present owners of company met each other while working at Belgrade presentation of the EXIT music festival after which they decided to associate their experiences and innovative skills. The result of that team work, and at the same time the motive for starting business was Belgrade Beer Fest. That project, due to its size and importancy, stayed the quintessential project of Belgrade Cultural Network and their establishers.

Size of the work and its nature, great competition in areas of working of Belgrade Cultural Network and great spectrum of jobs that are involved made a necessity for development of their resources in areas of design, marketing, planning, performing and advertising. Immediately thereafter Belgrade Cultural Network started to expand its inner capacities and step up very strong cooperations especially in areas like advertising and production. The result of all of this is complete team, which can give a response at even most difficult demands and at the same, to its clients, can offer both complete service and partial support in wide spheres of organization and production of events, hiring performers and marketing.

Till today the portfolio of Belgrade Culture Network, beside its own festivals Belgrade Beer Fest, Vrnjacka Banja Beer Fest and Belgrade Sport Fest, include planning, training and performing, more or less, ten music festivals, tour organizations of domestic R'n'R bands, production and co-production of a few concerts of world known bands, and thents smaller projects in other culture spheres.

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